Getting started with tiny+

tiny+ is a collaboration tool that helps teams communicate better. Once you have set up your administration user account it’s easy to invite your colleagues to tiny+ too.

Collaboration happens when everyone is involved. tiny+ is here to help, but your colleagues may need some help to get them communicating.

Here are some ways to get everyone communicating with tiny+...

  • Share your business development actions and successes with your colleagues via the Whiteboard. The Whiteboard is a central place for your colleagues to keep up with what’s going on at your organisation. You can add comments, updates, pictures and documents to keep everyone in the loop about your team, your projects and your business successes. You can interact with other people’s posts via a 'like' or add your own information to a thread where you can help.
  • tiny+ helps everyone at your organisation share their knowledge of the market place in which you operate. Share your technical knowledge and your individual professional networks to help everyone get the outcomes your business needs.
  • Keep track of your projects, and build a portfolio of experience for easy inclusion in fee proposals and tender responses across all the levels of your business. The Project section gives you a snapshot of everything going on in your business. Check on current projects, understand the reasons why a project wasn't won by your firm, and locate and build on those projects you have completed in the past.
  • Build and grow the relationships you have with your clients and prospective clients. Set out your business development plans and client engagement strategies, and get a picture of who knows who within your wider business network. Connect to the companies you know to get updates of your colleague’s interactions with those companies, and help out by adding comments and information on the localised Whiteboard that might aid your team managing a relationship.
  • Keep your contacts in a central place. Just like companies, tiny+ allows you to keep track of the contacts you know by connecting to their feed. When a colleague updates information, comments or meets with a contact you know, you can help the relationship by adding your own information on the contacts Whiteboard. Help each other manage the personal relationships that push your business forward and grow your company’s profitability and stature.
  • Activities helps you plan business development and marketing activities with clients; new and old. Create customised activities and assign them to yourself or others for completion. You and your colleagues can subscribe to specific activities to keep abreast of a meeting preparation, the status of a report and request for proposal. Contribute to the Whiteboard to add specific knowledge you may have that is relevant to help your team out.
  • Build smart lists of projects, companies and clients. Then make those lists useful to your team by building a fee proposal or a client marketing email.
  • Work better together by knowing your colleagues better in the Staff Directory. Keep up to date with your team’s achievements and interact with them in an informal and collegiate way on all of tiny+'s Whiteboards. Congratulate each other on a job well done and share information that can help in everyone’s professional development. 

tiny+ will give you the tools to be better at being a professional – get to know your clients better and be in sync with your colleagues. Collaboration helps everyone and gets your business moving in the right direction. tiny+ is here to help!

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