How to manage your organisations account as the Account Manager

As the 'Account Manager', you can manage all the facets of your organisation's tiny+ account.

At any time the 'Account Manager' can click on settings in the 'main menu' to manage your organisation's tiny+ account.

From the settings tab, click on 'Your account', from here the 'Account Manager' can change or update the organisations account name, the email domain and logo.


From the settings tab, click on 'Subscriptions' to manage the individual team members using tiny+ at your organisation.

In the 'Subscriptions' tab you can check that each individual team members information is correct, including their name, their email address and what type of tiny+ account they have.

As the 'Account Manager' you can also add and remove administrative controls from specific team members.

To add or remove a team member as an administrator for your organisations tiny+ account. Within 'Subscriptions' find the team member that you wish to change their administrative control. Under the heading 'Controls', click on '[add admin]' or '[remove admin]' to change the account role for that team member.

Only the 'Account Manager' can add and remove administrative control. However, please note that if you change a team members administrative control role to 'account_admin', that team member will have all of the administrative control that the 'Account Manager' has. They will be able to add and remove administrative controls and have all of the tiny+ capabilities that the 'Account Manager' has.

From the settings tab, click on 'Social' to manage your organisations social media/Twitter integration with tiny+

As the 'Account Manager' you can add and change the social media/Twitter handle that feeds content (Tweets) onto your organisation's Whiteboard.

From the settings tab, click on 'Email reports' to manage and generate automatic email reports that every team member will receive at a specified date and time.

You can preview the content of the automatic email report by clicking 'Preview the weekly activity report'.

To review or change/edit an email report, click on 'Weekly Activity Report', or the title of the email report you wish to review or change.

Then, click on 'Edit Trigger'.




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