Getting started as the Account Manager

Welcome again to tiny+!

As the 'Account Manager' you have administrative control over your organisations access and use of tiny+.

When you first access tiny+ you will be greeted by the following message.

From this greeting message you can set up your organisation's tiny+ account.

Click on, '1. Set up your account', on the greeting message to add your add/edit your account name, add your email domain, and add your company logo.

To add your company logo, click on 'choose file'. You must choose a logo file you have stored on your organisations system.

Click on, '2. Load your companies, contacts, projects', on the greeting message.

You can click on each seperate data point you wish to add. If you want to add or import companies click companies

If you want to add or import contacts, click contacts.

If you want to add or import projects, click projects.

You can add companies, contacts and projects manually or import external data sheets that contain that respective information.


Click on, '3. Add your colleagues', on the greeting message to add new users within your organisation.

As the 'Account Manager' you can add new users/team members within your organisation to tiny+. To add a new team member, type in their name, title and email address.

Then click, 'Create team member'.

When you add a new team member and invitation email will be sent to that team member via the email address that you inputed in the email box. We suggest you only input email addresses that include you organisations email domain. 


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